Prescription Medicine Tips

It's hard enough being sick, so taking medicine should be easy. Here are a few tips for getting the most from your medicine:

  • Take your medicine as prescribed. Make sure you take the correct dosage every day. Even if you start feeling better, always take all of your medicine unless your doctor tells you otherwise. If you stop, you may become even sicker, especially with antibiotics. If you want to stop because of side effects, call your doctor.

  • Be aware of side effects. Read the information that comes with your medicine. Realize that some side effects don't appear right away and can show up days, or even weeks, after you start your medicine. Call your doctor right away if you think your medicine is causing an unpleasant reaction.

  • Order your refill three weeks in advance. If you're using the WellDyneRx Prescription Delivery Service, be sure to order your refill at least three weeks before your prescription runs out. If you're using a retail pharmacy, sign up for automatic refill, if available. You want to make sure you have your medicine when you need it. Go to Get Started with Prescription Delivery to learn more.

  • Sign up for a prescription delivery service. A service like the WellDyneRx Prescription Delivery Service gives you a three-month supply of medicine, so you don't have to refill as much. And your medicine is delivered to a location of your choice. Plus, you may be able to save on copays. Go to Prescription Delivery Service to sign up now.

  • Save money. Ask your doctor to write a prescription for a generic medicine instead of a brand name. Generics tend to be lower priced than brand name medicines, and they are just as effective. Using generics can help you save big on prescription costs.

  • Dispose of unused and expired medicine in a safe manner. To prevent accidental or intentional misuse of prescription medicine, follow the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's guidelines for proper disposal. Visit AwareRx to find a disposal location in your area.