Why should I use the WellDyneRx Prescription Delivery Service?

The WellDyneRx Prescription Delivery Service is a convenient and cost-effective way for you to order up to a 90-day supply of medicine for delivery to your home or business. You will avoid having to visit a local retail pharmacy each month and save money on your prescriptions.

WellDyneRx's Prescription Delivery Service is convenient for members who regularly take medicines for chronic, long-term conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes.

Can prescriptions be transferred from another pharmacy?

WellDyneRx recommends obtaining a new prescription from your health care provider when transferring to the WellDyneRx Prescription Delivery Service. Members must register online, or complete the Prescription Delivery Service registration form and mail it to WellDyneRx, before a prescription can be filled.

How do I use the Prescription Delivery Service?

Have your doctor write your prescription for the number of days your plan allows for mail service (for example, 90 days).

Register for Prescription Delivery Service

  • Online: Register now through the WellDyneRx member portal. Provide us with your mailing address, phone number, any known allergies or health conditions and payment information to get started with service today.
  • Mail: Review and complete the Prescription Delivery Service form and return with a valid prescription.

How long will it take to receive my prescription?

You can expect to receive your prescription approximately 7 to 10 business days after WellDyneRx receives your order. To check the status of your order sign in to your online account or call our automated phone system.

It's our priority to ensure you have the medicine you need, when you need it.

Will WellDyneRx send me a refill reminder?

WellDyneRx will call or email you with a refill reminder, allowing you enough time to order before you finish your current supply. You then need to request a refill online through the WellDyneRx member portal, or call our automated phone system to place an order for your medication.

How do I order refills?

Refills are easy. You can order online through the WellDyneRx member portal or through our automated phone system. Your payment card on file will be charged for your medication order.

Does WellDyneRx automatically substitute a brand name medicine with a generic when I submit a prescription?

Yes, WellDyneRx will send you a generic equivalent when available unless otherwise noted by you or your doctor, or restricted by federal or state law. Since the brand name product may require a higher copay (based on your plan), we recommend that you contact WellDyneRx for copay pricing before you place an order for a brand.

Will I have to pay a copay for my drugs?

Yes. Copays apply to Prescription Delivery purchases, but since Prescription Delivery orders usually include a three-month supply, the result is fewer refills throughout the year and increased savings. Check your plan information for copay details.

What forms of payment do you accept?

WellDyneRx accepts VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, check, check by phone, or money order as approved forms of payment. We also accept payment cards for flexible spending and health savings accounts. To avoid possible delays in shipping for unpaid balances on an account, members are encouraged to provide a credit card for all charges. For your convenience, your credit card will be maintained on a secure site for future orders.

How are prescriptions sent?

Prescription Delivery Service orders are sent via first class U.S. Postal Service. If you choose to have your medicine rush ordered, additional costs will apply and vary by shipping method. All orders are shipped in unmarked, tamper-proof packaging to ensure security and complete confidentiality. If necessary, WellDyneRx will use insulated and temperature-controlled packaging to ensure the integrity of your medicines.

Can I speak with a pharmacist if I use the Prescription Delivery Service?

Yes. Pharmacists are available to answer questions regarding your prescription medicines 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Can I fax the prescription I received from my doctor?

No. Legally, WellDyneRx is allowed to accept faxed prescriptions only from your doctor.

Can my doctor e-prescribe to WellDyneRx?

Yes. Your doctor can send your prescription electronically to WellDyneRx Prescription Delivery Service.

Is my information kept private?

Yes. We ask you for some personal information when setting up your account, and we keep this information completely private. We use this information to ensure you receive the best care possible.


What is my copay?

Your benefit program may have multiple medicine categories, or tiers, that determine your copay. Check your plan information to see which tiers are included in your plan. Typical copay tiers for WellDyneRx benefits are:

  • Tier 1 drugs are typically generic drugs and have the lowest copay.
  • Tier 2 drugs include preferred brand drugs and cost more than Tier 1 drugs.
  • Tier 3 drugs are typically non-preferred brand drugs, and they have the highest cost medicines.
  • Your plan may have additional tiers for specialty drugs or drugs that treat non-life threatening conditions. The copay for these tiers may be more or less expensive, depending on your plan.

You can see which tier a medicine is in by checking WellDyneRx's Formulary and Drug Alternatives List.

What is a formulary?

A formulary is a drug list that helps determine your copay for each prescription. In most cases, you'll pay a lower copay for the drugs on the formulary. The formulary is not a complete list of covered drugs. Formularies can vary from plan to plan; please check your plan's formulary to learn about covered drugs.

What if my medicine is not listed on the formulary?

Some medicines are excluded from the formulary in order to help control your overall health care costs. Call the Member Services number shown on your member ID card if your drug is not listed on your plan's formulary.

Does WellDyneRx fill over-the-counter (OTC) medicines?

Yes, WellDyneRx will fill OTC medicines if the medicine is covered by your prescription benefit plan and your doctor has written a prescription for the OTC medicine.

Why was my prescription claim denied? What can I do?

There are many reasons why your prescription claim might not process, but some of the more common are listed below. Be sure to check your plan information to see what specifications may affect your prescriptions.

  • Refill too soon - If you recently filled your prescription, you will not be able to get more medicine until you have used most or all of it. The pharmacy bases the next refill date on the date you filled your current supply. So, you can refill close to or on day 30 (retail fill) or day 90 (Prescription Delivery Service). This ensures your medicine is being used appropriately and not wasted.
    • What can I do?
      • If you need to refill sooner than allowed, ask your doctor to call us and request an early refill.
  • Quantity level limits - Quantity level limits means that you can only receive a certain amount of drug at one time. This is to make sure you receive a safe amount.
    • What can I do?
      • If your prescription is for the amount allowed by your plan, the cost will be covered.
      • If you need more than the allowed amount, you will need approval from WellDyneRx to be covered for the higher amount. You can ask your doctor to fax or mail a Quantity Limit Override Request Form to WellDyneRx. You or your doctor can call our Member Service department to request the form.
  • Step therapy - Step therapy means you must start with a safe, lower cost drug (Step One drug) before using a higher cost, brand name medicine. If the Step One drug doesn't help, you can try another drug that may cost more (Step Two drug).
    • What if my doctor wants me to take a Step Two Drug?
      • If your doctor thinks a Step One drug will not help you, your benefit plan will sometimes cover a Step Two drug. Your doctor can send a prior authorization form by fax to 1-888-473-7875, or call 1-866-240-2204 to speak to a Prior Authorization Specialist.
  • Prior authorization - Prior authorization means that you must receive approval before you can receive certain drugs.
    • What can I do?
      • Before your next refill, ask your doctor to fax a prior authorization request to WellDyneRx at 1-888-473-7875.


What are the advantages of using generic versus brand name medicines?

The biggest advantage of using a generic is price. On average, the cost of a generic drug is 80 to 85 percent lower than the brand name product.

Are generic drugs as safe and effective as brand name drugs?

The FDA thoroughly tests each potential generic drug to make sure it is effective and safe. To gain FDA approval, a generic drug must:

  • Contain the same active ingredients as the original brand drug
  • Be identical in strength, dosage form, and how it's taken
  • Be used to treat the same conditions and have the same dosing and labeling
  • Provide the same effectiveness and safety to patients

A generic drug often has a different color or shape than the brand name drug. These differences don't have any effect on how the drug works-they help distinguish one product from another.

Does every brand name drug have a generic version?

No. When new drugs are introduced by a company, they have a patent. The patent protects the company by not allowing anyone else to make and sell the drug. Most drug patents are protected for 17 years. When the patent expires, other drug companies can start selling the generic version of the drug. But first, they must test the drug and the FDA must approve it.

How can I get generic drugs?

Ask your doctor if a generic drug is available and appropriate for you. If it is, your doctor can write your prescription so the pharmacist knows to give you the generic when available.

Will my doctor automatically prescribe generic drugs?

It depends on the doctor. You can ask your doctor to write a prescription that allows a generic drug when appropriate. You also can ask your doctor whether a generic drug will be as effective and less costly.

Does WellDyneRx automatically substitute a brand name medicine with a generic when I submit a prescription?

Yes, WellDyneRx will send you a generic equivalent when available unless otherwise noted by you or your doctor, or restricted by federal or state law. Since the brand name product may require a higher copay (based on your plan), we recommend that you contact WellDyneRx for copay pricing before you place an order for a brand.

Why do generic drugs look different than the brand name product?

U.S. trademark laws don't allow generic drugs to look exactly the same as another drug already on the market. For that reason, the color and shape of a generic pill may be different from the brand name. Sometimes it will have a different coating or flavor. Differences in taste or appearance do not affect the drug's safety or effectiveness.

Why are most generic drugs less expensive than brand name products?

Generic drugs are versions of brand drugs that become available when the brand drug's patents expire. When a drug patent expires, the original manufacturer does not have exclusive rights to produce the medicine. Other manufacturers can apply to the FDA to produce and sell generic versions of the drug. Because of lower research costs and more competition, the generic drug usually costs less than the brand name drug. Many brand name manufacturers or their subsidiaries make generic medicines.

How are generic drugs approved for use?

Before a generic drug is approved for use in the U.S., the drug company must prove to the FDA that the generic drug has the same active ingredient as the brand name version. In addition, the generic must meet FDA standards for the amount of active ingredient and how much of it is absorbed into the body.

Are generic drugs safe?

The role of the FDA is to ensure all new brand and generic drugs are safe and effective. The FDA requires generic drug manufacturers to:

  • Meet the same requirements for strength, purity, and quality as the original manufacturer
  • Follow the same strict manufacturing practices

If you have questions, please visit the WellDyneRx member portal or call the Member Services number shown on your member ID card.


WellDyneRx maintains the highest standards of safety and service when filling your prescription and is VIPPS, URAC, and ACHC accredited.

Where does WellDyneRx get my medicine?

To ensure the safety of your medicine, WellDyneRx only purchases from manufacturers and wholesalers that are licensed and approved by the FDA to conduct business and distribute medicines in the United States.

What if I have a question or concern about my prescription or services?

Member Service representatives are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer questions or concerns regarding your prescriptions, services provided, and access to services.

In the event of an emergency, disaster or delay how do I access my medication?

Member Service representatives are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer questions or concerns regarding your prescription order.

How does WellDyneRx protect my health information?

WellDyneRx complies with patient privacy regulations and requirements set by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

If you would like WellDyneRx to discuss and/or release your protected health information to another person or entity, you must authorize us to do this by completing a Protected Health Information Authorization Form.